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Fresh fruit export company - The company supplies and exports high-quality fresh fruits worldwide.


Pakistan imports Rice primarily from: China ($31.7M), United Arab Emirates ($674k), Senegal ($408k), Bangladesh ($184k), and United States ($182k).

White Salt

Edible salt export shipments from Pakistan are 248, exported by 72 Suppliers.

Top 3 Product Categories of Edible salt Exports from Pakistan are

  • HSN Code 25010090 : HS : other
  • HSN Code 25010020 : HS : rock salt
  • HSN Code 25010010 : HS : common salt (including iodised salt)

Pink Salt

Himalayan salt export shipments from Pakistan are 8.7K, exported by 421 Suppliers. Pakistan exports most of it’s Himalayan salt to United States, Vietnam and Brazil. The top 1 exporters of Himalayan salt are Pakistan. Pakistan is the largest exporter of Himalayan salt and accounts for 8,711 shipments.


 Aalian international is one of the leading Vegetable exporters in Pakistan. We produce the best quality Onions, and Potatoes.Our extensive experience has helped us set up a large customer base in different areas worldwide including the food businesses. Aalian international is offering Fresh Vegetables in the global market.


Aalian international prioritize in exporting fresh Pakistan fruits and take every precise step to be the leader of Pakistan fruits exporter to middle east countries and other countries. We are exporting various fruits in the middle and other parts of the world. Some of the Pakistan fruits we excel in exporting and supplying are Pakistan mangoes, Pakistan Oranges, Pakistan Water melons, and various other Pakistan fruits.