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we import scrap tyres from all over the world

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Aalian International We Import Three Pieces Cut Tiers From All Over The World.


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Pyrolysis is the common name used for decomposing organic material at elevated temperatures in the absence of oxygen. The oxygen needs to be absent otherwise organic material may burn. 

Typically the process takes place under pressure and operating temperatures above 430 °C (800 °F). The word is originated from Greek based words “pyr” and “lysis” meaning “fire” and “separating”, respectively. 

Initial studies on pyrolysis of scrap tires have shown that tire-derived activated carbon, carbon black, boudouard carbon, and fuel gas are obtained. 

Considering recycling of scrap tires in the road industry couldn’t pass much beyond 2% of available scrap tire production; therefore, pyrolysis of scrap tires have enough resources to keep the system running. Gas obtained from the decomposition of scrap tires can directly be used in the pyrolysis process itself; therefore, the production can support the process for energy saving and sustainability

Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant Advantages

For the waste Tyre pyrolysis plant the main raw materials are waste tyres & plastic scrap, which can be easily available in any part of the world.

The raw material is cheaper, we get valuable outputs from the process and that are fuel oil, carbon black powder, scrap steel & gas. It is feasible technology with small amount of investment, high availability of raw materials, short recovery period and with our guidance, is the ideal choice of investing.

There is 100% recycling of waste tires, no disposable materials are left at the end of the process. The output products have its demand in the market. It is a pollution free process, thus making eco-friendly environment.

Pyrolysis Product Details fuel oil (40% TO 45%):- The main product produce by pyrolysis plant is Tyre oil (industrial fuel oil). 

This is used in many industries as a fuel. There are 2 types of oil we get from the process, one is normal Tyre oil and other is heavy oil. 

Heavy oil is about 5% to 7% of Tyre oil. The final percentage of oil is about 40% to 45% depends on Tyre quality. Nowadays there is a great demand of fuel oil in the market, as every industry requires fuel for heating purpose. Applications of pyrolysis oil- (Used in the industries where burning process is required.)

o Steel Industries.

o Rolling Mill Industries.

o Chemical Industries.

Potential Buyers- Manufacturers of above mentioned industries.

Carbon Black (30% TO 35%):- The second product of Tyre pyrolysis plant is carbon black. The quantity of carbon black is about 30% to 35% according to Tyre quality. 

The carbon black can be used as a chemical strengthener in rubber industries and coloring agent in pigment industries. 

This carbon black price is very competitive compare to petroleum carbon black, so our pyrolytic carbon black is good option instead of petroleum carbon black. Applications of carbon black

o Used in steel industries for burning process.

o Used in footwear industries to make rubber sole.

o Used in polish industries.

o Used in ink industries.

o Used in color industries as pigment.

o Used in Iron industries

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