aalian international


Fresh Vegetables

Aalian international is one of the leading Vegetable exporters in Pakistan. We produce the best quality Onions, and Potatoes.

Our extensive experience has helped us set up a large customer base in different areas worldwide including the food businesses. Aalian international is offering Fresh Vegetables and Fresh Seasonal Fruits in the global market.


Potatoes cultivation is strongly concentrated in the Punjab region, Pakistan. They’re generally eaten boiled, baked, or fried and frequently served as a side dish or snacks. Also used in Common potato-based foods and food products include Chips & Snacks, French fries, potato chips, and potato flour. 


Aalian international is the pioneer of exporting onions from Pakistan. We began our journey in 2012 and are now one of the most renown Exporters of  Onion from Pakistan. We export approximately 6000 tons per annum that are almost about 200 containers. All containers are 40 ft refrigerate per annum.